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Skin Creator 6.0

Skin Creator is an application to create your own IncrediMail Skins
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Skin Creator is an application that lets you create and customize your own personal IncrediMail Skins.
It´s a plug-in for Incredimail, so you need to have Incredimail installed in order to run this program.

By using Skin Creator you can decide how your IncrediMail will look. The skins you make or modify using Skin Creator can be later loaded into IncrediMail, provided you´re using the Premium (paid) version. If you´re using the free version, you won´t be able to load skins at all.

You can modify a ready-made skin (there are thousands in Internet) or create your own one from the sketch. You can use it later or upload to a site to share it with others.

You can modify the appearance based in four main blocks: Images, Colors, Sounds and Layout.

In images you can edit the images that define the windows, borders, separators, backgrounds and dialogs in IncrediMail. You will have to be able to work with some image processing software.

Colors allows you to change the gamma you will be using in your skin. Sounds will let you customize the sounds you want your skin to play. Layout allows you to change fonts, cursors and offsets.

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